Our mission

Consumers increasingly want to ditch the biscuits and chocolate and switch to a healthier snack. But they’re often crammed full of sugar, unhealthy fats like palm oil and some taste like cardboard!

Perkier is on a mission to make the healthiest snacks on the planet, meeting the exciting consumer trends for immune support, gut health and energy. But we don’t just care about your health because every snack we make tastes good, does you good, and doesn’t mess up the planet.

Leading-edge snacking

Perkier are disruptors, operating in some of the fastest growing market segments. Our range has up to 60% less sugar, 100% more fibre*, vitamins for immune support and billions of probiotics for a happy, healthy gut. Plus, Perkier bars are all natural, gluten free, vegan and palm oil free to help save the orangutans. 

We create delicious recipes like Salted Caramel and Madagascan Vanilla with Belgian Dark Chocolate. Our founders are food industry experts, ex-Heinz, Mars and Northern Foods.

*Based on company research.